2030 Cycle Network Plan

We want Exeter to be a truly cycle-friendly city.  Ultimately Exeter should have a fully comprehensive cycle network where everyone can safely and conveniently cycle from A to B regardless of their starting point and destination. This means making every road, street and junction suitable for cycling.

In order to achieve this, primary roads with high volumes of traffic and high speeds need protected space for cycling. Secondary roads might need protected space or alternatively traffic volume and speed reduction whereas many quieter residential streets will be cycle friendly without specific interventions. Off-road paths should be provided in addition to on-road infrastructure to give people that cycle full flexibility.

The map below shows what we think this comprehensive network should look like and what infrastructure measures would be required for different roads. We welcome your thoughts on roads that you think need physical interventions in order to be suitable for cycling and any additional off road connections that you think are needed.

Sofia Bergman