We have a range of projects that the Exeter Cycling Campaign is actively progressing with, these include:

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We talk regularly to locally elected politicians - local and county councillors and to our MP.


  • provide candidates with background information on the benefits of cycling,
  • seek to ensure that appropriate sustainable transport measures feature in their prospectuses, and,
  • influence their plans

The Exeter Cycling Charter is a simple statement of support for ‘cycling’ as the means of making Exeter a better city.

It outlines the benefits cycling can bring to our city and is something that businesses, schools, the health sector, shops and individuals can readily support.

Over 150 organisations and 300 individuals in Exeter have signed the Charter. You can view it at

We regularly respond to local planning applications. Our Planning page shows some of our responses to recent applications.

We have held workshops which provided advice on how best to respond to applications. If you would like some background material or would like to attend a planning worksop please contact us at ...