Living Streets

The Living Streets Project is designed to improve residential areas and increase permeability for people walking and cycling in Exeter. The Cycling Campaign was invited by Devon County Council's Transport Team to propose modal filtering solutions for Exeter.
Filtered Permeability: "A feature used to limit access by certain modes of transport - to 'filter' out some modes. Modal filters are used to achieve filtered permeability. Filtered permeability describes road design that still allows through-access for walking and cycling, but removes it for motor traffic. Once a road or street has been 'filtered', it remains accessible to motor vehicles, but is no longer usable as a through-route."
The Campaign has produced a 31-page report. Some key proposals are ...
"Some proposals offered here are easy and cheap to implement which Devon County Council should consider delivering quickly."
"The Exeter Cycling Campaign encourages Devon County Council to develop a three year plan to build Quiet Living Streets back into the residential areas of Exeter."