City Planning


Greater Exeter Strategic Plan


Exeter Cycling Campaign prepared detailed recommendations to the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan (GESP); a collaboration between Exeter City Council and the local authoriy's immediate neighbours with a view to creating a strategy for improvement and strategic growth for the area. 

Our recommedations report can be viewed here:

Exeter Cycling Campaign: GESP Recommendations

More details about the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan can be found here:

Greater Exeter Strategic Plan


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Planning Applications


Exeter Cycling Campaign’s team responds to all significant planning applications that are received by Exeter City Council.

In doing so we hope to raise the levels of knowledge, awareness and understanding amongst our local authority decision makers.

Consequently, our council representatives can also be clear to applicants about the importance of accommodating suitable facilities for people cycling at the design stage.

As a result, we will have a city that is well designed and serves all of us as best it can.

You can read some of our recent and past planning application responses below.