Exeter Cycling Campaign hosts various events to discuss cycling in Exeter.

These are typically workshops and meetings to encourage discussion and debate about how our city can better function and how best to respond to the challenges we face.

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Exeter Cycling Campaign hosts regular group workshops on topics as divese as:

  • preparing for council elections
  • responding to planning applications
  • envisioning a network for cycling

Everyone is welcome to join in and participate.

News of our forthcoming workshops are published in our email newletters.



We also arrange meet-ups over a drink to get to know eachother and exchange ideas.

Check out the details of our recent and forthcoming activities on our facebook page:


Link: Facebook Events



Our members have given presentations to a range of audiences, including politicians, local residents and community groups.

We publish these presentation on our Facebook site and will be adding this material here in due course.

If you'd like to invite Exeter Cycling Campaign to present the work that we do please just get in touch.