Steering Group

Guiding principles for how we will work

As a member of Exeter Cycling Campaign we commit to being:

  • Positive.
  • Polite, never rude or aggressive. We will not denigrate others. We will be inclusive in all we do.
  • Supportive of each other whilst recognising that we will not all always agree.
  • Present ourselves as a unified group of people pressing for coherent goals.
  • Supportive of Officers, Councillors and others to understand the issues and offer positive solutions.
  • Seeking to turn negative expressions into positive outcomes.
  • Holding those in authority to their stated pledges and signed-up strategies.
  • Basing our statements on research and hard data wherever possible.
  • Campaigning initiatives will be for specific, targeted purposes only.
  • Independent of any political party, organisation or group whilst recognising the need to work with like-minded organisations.

How we will organise ourselves

Steering group

A Steering Group will collectively act to pursue the purpose and aims of Exeter Cycling Campaign

The Steering Group will:

  • consist of no more than 8 people (to keep it focused) and will be quorate with five members present
  • seek to move forward through consensus decision making
  • be drawn from people willing to contribute time and energy to pursuing Exeter Cycling Campaign goals
  • publicise openly its actions / thinking / steer among the wider group of members of the Exeter Cycling Campaign
  • regularly consult with members of Exeter Cycling Campaign
  • coordinate and liaise with any Exeter Cycling campaign groups set up to pursue particular initiatives

Working Groups / Task & Finish groups

These will be set up as needed by the Steering Group and comprise any people who have relevant skills / knowledge for the working group ie from within and beyond Exeter Cycling Campaign membership.

Working Groups will work up recommendations and/or information reports for the Steering Group.