Space for Cycling

 Exeter Cycling Campaign is asking that our city adopts Cycling UK's Space for Cycling initiative.

Space for Cycling stands for the following key principles:

Plan, Invest, Build

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Plan: Plan a full network of cycle-friendly routes that allow people of all ages and abilities to cycle anywhere for any purpose

Invest: Actively seek the funding to implement the network and invest a minimum of 5-10% of the local transport budget in cycling

Build: Build the network using the most up-to-date high quality design standards
We will be emphasising the principles in the forthcoming DCC Election Campaign for May 2017.

The national Space for Cycling campaign aims to create the conditions where anyone can cycle anywhere.  Cycle-friendly streets are the life-blood of safe, pleasant and healthy communities. They are good for everybody’s quality of life, whether or not they chose to cycle.

You can also view a 2-minute video by Cycling UK President Jon Snow (below), explaining what the campaign is calling for, or read a guide from Cycling UK for local decision makers.

How you can get involved in Space for Cycling?

Write to your councillors, demanding space for cycling.' to ' Write to the election candidates and councillors in your ward asking them to support Space For Cycling. Why not offer to take them on a cycle ride from their home to their nearest school or your workplace? Contact us at Exeter Cycling Campaign get involved with the campaign in your area.

Read more about the background to the Space for Cycling campaign.

Or watch John Snow, Cycling UK President, on Space for Cycling.