Air Quality

Government figures indicate that 42 people a year are dying prematurely in Exeter as a direct result of air pollution. In early 2018 Exeter City Council produced a draft Air Quality Action Plan. The Exeter Cycling Campaign has produced a detailed 27-page response to the Council's Plan. The conclusions of this response are
"There is no safe level of  pollution." "There can be no complacency:  we must be bold in embracing  measures that will improve our  air quality." "The aspirations of Exeter City  Council’s Air Quality Action  Plan are high - which is  welcomed. However, the  proposed Measures are mixed,  their quantification of goals  weak and prioritisation missing." "The Exeter Cycling Campaign is  convinced that enabling a wholesale shift from private car to cycling is the most effective means  of tackling air pollution and there is significant opportunity to grow the modal share of cycle  commuting in the city." "Measures to ‘encourage’ cycling and ‘information campaigns’ are of limited effectiveness in  achieving this modal shift. Cities that have been successful at improving air quality by getting  more people cycling have done this by prioritising people who cycle or walk by building safe  infrastructure and nudging people out of their cars by making it less attractive." "The suite of proposals in this report from the Exeter Cycling Campaign will, when adopted,  enable Exeter to start to improve its air quality."
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