Leadership Engagement

Engaging with the leaders of Exeter is a key part of the Exeter Cycling Campaign's work.

We are endeavouring to help our leaders catch a vision for how our city can be a better place to live, can thrive economically and can tackle it's pollution, congestion and unhealthy lifestyle challenges by building cycling into its fabric.

For example in August 2017 the Cycling Campaign challenged Council Leaders to seek to decongest the city ... the full challenge.

Ready for May 2019, the Exeter Cycling Campaign has issued a ‘Manifesto for Cycling and Walking’ in the run up to the Exeter City Council elections. 

Members of the Exeter Cycling Campaign will continue to meet with city and county Councillors, HotSW LEP members, business and other organisation leaders to encourage them to be bold in embracing solutions for the city which enable cycling for people of all ages and abilities.

We will seek to hold elected Councillors accountable for delivering their agreed active travel strategies and challenge any Council decisions that do not properly consider people who walk or cycle.

Would you like to join us in engaging with our leaders?

Drop us a line: info@exetercyclingcampaign.org.uk

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