The Exeter Cycling Campaign welcomes the opportunity to respond to the DCC February 2023 consultation on the draft LCWIP. We recognise that this plan represents considerable work from DCC Officers and our focus in responding is to support DCC in its aims to support a modal shift towards active transport as a key element of meeting Net Zero commitments. The Exeter Cycling Campaign is a charity formed by Exeter citizens volunteering their time to work for safer cycling for people of every age and ability. We long to see cycling as a realistic choice for many more people. This can only be delivered by building a dense network of safe cycle routes that are: protected on busy roads, traffic reduced in residential areas, supported by slow traffic speeds and enhanced by off road paths through parks. Exeter and Devon councils’ recognition of a climate emergency underlines the imperative of delivering this network of cycling/walking paths quickly. We look forward to supporting DCC in designing and delivering this dense network of cycle paths for the city.

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